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Recent Events

Three members of the Cathedral were recently honoured for their outstanding contributions to the church.

Mrs. Catherine Bradshaw has been a member of the Cathedral congregation for more than fifty years, having been active in the work of the church in the early years along with her late husband who sat on Council.

Mrs. Bradshaw ministered in the first female choir and in several organisations including the Flower Guild. She has been a driving force in the fundraising activities of the church. She has served on Council for more than 42 years.

Mrs. Shirley Hurley has been a member of the congregation since 1972 after returning from England. She has been on Council for 12 years continuously. She has been an active member of the Flower Guild, using her talent in that area to adorn the church for many festivals and special occasions.

Mrs. Hurley was instrumental in the conception of the Flower Show and Bazaar in 2014 at the Cathedral, a series of events held to raise funds for the Restoration of the Cathedral.

Mr. Martin Haynes has been a member of the Cathedral since 1978 on his return from U.S.A. In 1986 he joined Council and has served in many positions including Secretary and Treasurer. In addition, he has served on many committees including Finance and Fundraising. He has been serving as the Cathedral Representative on Synod since 1989.